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Latest Projects:

* Prepare for Change - management related CPD for a post-Clementi world

Proposals made by Sir David Clementi seem destined to introduce greater competition for law firms practising in an already highly competitive environment. Getting ahead of the game in terms of risk management, compliance and the development of quality assured systems must surely be a key priority, especially for the smaller, independent firms. Under the draft new Management Rules managers will be required to undertake 12 hours management related CPD. South East Training Solutions is developing a range of training programmes, following consultation with the Surrey, Kent and Sussex Law Societies, tailored to suit the needs of such firms and help them Prepare for Change.

* Learning to Learn - College of Self Organised Learning

In the 21st Century the capacity to learn will become even more vital and those who are unable to develop this capacity to learn will become severely disadvantaged as more and more information and technology floods into our every day lives. Those most at risk will be disaffected young people and adults for whom the barriers of cost, time, lack of confidence or support, have pushed learning to the bottom of their priority list. Nevertheless it seems certain to become a question of sink or learn to swim in this brave new world. The management team at the newly established College of Self Organised Learning © (CSOL) believe that everyone has the capacity to learn given the right support, motivation and learning environment for them as individuals. What they may lack is the right key to access that capacity. CSOL helps them to create that key through individual Learning Conversations ©.

The barrier facing CSOL was in getting the right message across to potential partners, stakeholders and most importantly to funders. South East Training Solutions has been working with the CSOL team to develop a marketing and funding strategy to get this highly innovative project established as a core tool for capacity building in the not-for-profit sector.

If you would like more information on these projects, or any of the work that South East Training Solutions is currently undertaking, please contact our Training Director Sue Seakens on 01344 307444 or email to