Truly effective project planning and development strategies are based on well structured research. In order to turn vision into action an organisation must consider

Such research may be required to identify need, prepare successful funding applications, test feasibility and prove effective outcomes or to compile reports and evaluation documents. Whatever its role research is vital to future planning and sustainability. Yet it is often hard, particularly for a service-delivery organisation, to release key workers from priority tasks or indeed to identify workers with the necessary skills to carry out this research.

South East Training Solutions can not only provide the skills and experience required but can provide a dedicated consultant with the time to help you compile the necessary data or documentation. We will take time to discuss your vision, your expectations and the key targets. Once we agree on a suitable course of action we can offer two options for you to consider:

Option 1: Our consultant will work alongside your staff helping to develop their skills for future research needs


Option 2: We will simply manage the entire process on your behalf and present you with the end results.

The choice is entirely yours but whichever option you choose you can rest assured that we will provide you with all the research tools you need to realise your vision. Call us now on 01344 307444 to discuss your research needs or email us at