Our Services


Learning by doing - the SETS Ethos

I hear I forget
I see I remember
I do I understand
- Chinese Proverb

South East Training Solution's training style is highly participative, actively engaging participants from the outset. Taking a 'whole person' approach we work on the clear links between personal development and business performance. All our training and coaching programmes are flexible and non-prescriptive and are aimed at developing drive, confidence, motivation and a positive attitude in the individuals and groups that we work with. This kind of pro-active learning is directly linked to lower absenteeism, higher productivity and an improved work/life balance.

Our services include training, research, project management and resources to help you achieve your development goals - for yourself, your staff, your organisation or your client group. Our network of consultants has an extensive range of skills, knowledge and experience which we can access on your behalf.

Our main aim is to provide you with the best and most effective solutions for your training and development needs. Our programmes fall into three distinct categories:

Knowledge Transfer

Training or upskilling for continuing professional development (CPD) helping to recruit and retain a highly motivated and committed workforce

Capacity Building

Providing your key workers with specialist training or coaching to help develop in-house skills that can be cascaded through your organisation


Negotiating a short-term contract to provide you with the skills and experience you need to deal with a specific problem or service need

Whichever solution you choose rest assured that we will provide a quality service tailored to your needs that will help you to achieve your vision for the future. After all...the secret of our success is in your success.